Premature ejaculation as a phenomenon

It was also a proof of a man’s masculinity to last long in bed and make the partner scream with joy for hours. The real sex is not that wild as the porno makes us believe however if you are not resilient enough and you cannot endure a glimpse of touch – there is something terrible wrong. The premature ejaculation was popularized by a series of teen movies in the late 90’s and early 2000’s and it made some things harder for the people to understand right. It was during this age many companies started developing drugs such as dapoxetine to combat this vile disease and erase it once and for all. Many tests were done, and many researches were finished before they would introduce the world this brand new „savior“

Is it a „modern disease“?

Certainly not! Even though the increase of porn over the last few decades led to a hundred of boys all over the world having problems to „jump“ from masturbation to woman’s vagina, the disease was here long before internet and it’s joys. BUT watching porn and over-excessive masturbation might actually lead to premature ejaculation. In most cases it just „comes“ with the package of „first sex“.